0). L 3} (a) abmn (?) 1} (c) L={abm : n 2m} L= {abm” src=”https://files.transtutors.com/cd

0). L 3} (a) abmn (Ъ) 1} (c) L={abm : n 2m} L= {abm” src=”https://files.transtutors.com/cdn/qimg/4626c14a55a64940836cd21c466ae793.jpg” aria-describedby=”a8a”> Find context-free grammars for the following languages (with n 2 0, m > 0). L 3} (a) abmn (Ъ) 1} (c) L={a”bm : n 2m} L= {a”bm : 2n


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