Ashford Buddhism Religion Buddhist Understanding of Karma and Samsara HW

I have 2 parts discussion to do with responding to 2 students

First part

Question 1-

Buddhism has spread to many lands, and is the fourth largest religion in the world. It has shown the ability to adapt to history and culture. What did you know about Buddhism before the reading? After the reading in the book and the lecture, what are the elements of Buddhism that you find most interesting? Why are the teachings of The Buddha so attractive?


Question 2-

Buddhism shares many of the same concepts and words with Hinduism. Sometimes, the two religions use the same word, but their understanding of that word is different. This has much to do with Buddhism coming out of the Hindu context, but also wanting to reform some Hindu thought. How does the author explain the Buddhist understanding of karma and samsara? Are these explanations different from Hinduism? Were there other shared concepts between the two religions that Buddhism interpreted differently?


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