C programming language strawberry-> vanilla.” src=”https://files.transtutors.com/cdn/qi

C programming language

strawberry-> vanilla.” src=”https://files.transtutors.com/cdn/qimg/b040fc1cf4c647ee806bb700312ce434.jpg” aria-describedby=”i51″> Jojo, Lili, and Bibi want to buy ice cream, but they don&#39;t know what flavour to choose. Jojo wants vanilla flavour, Lili wants chocolate flavour, and Bibi wants strawberry flavour. They decided to ask n people to give them suggestions. The most chosen flavour will be the one chosen by them. Format Input The first line will consist of an integer T, the number of test cases. The first line of each test case will consist of an integer N, the number of people Jojo, Lili, and Bibi ask. The next N lines wil consist of a character C that is either &#39;c&#39;, &#39;s&#39;, or (each represents chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla), the flavour suggested by the K-th person. Format Output For each test case, print “Case #X”(X start from 1), then the flavour(s) that they will buy, each on their own line Constraints 1 <= T <= 10 1 <= N <= 100000 Sample Input Sample Output Case #1: chocolate Case #2: strawberry vanilla 10 Note If there is more than one most chosen flavour, print all the most chosen flavour in the order of chocolate -> strawberry-> vanilla.


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