Comparison Essay


Students will compare and contrast the lead character in The Glass Castle (Jeanette) to one other character discussed in the course (which may come from either one of the case studies in the DSS 100 iBook or one of the videos watched in class). This essay must discuss how each person showed resilience, what obstacles they had to overcome, and how they overcame them, using the humanistic theories, including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the concept of Self-Actualization. To deepen their understanding of resilience, students will also use the Lynn Library articles database to find at least one relevant peer-reviewed source. This essay must be in third-person format. Students must have at least 5 citations in this paper (The Glass Castle, Chapters 5 and 6 of the iBook, the selected iBook case study chapter or movie, and one peer-reviewed source from the Lynn library database).

Compare and Contrast Writing:

In a compare and contrast essay, two subjects are analyzed for their similarities and differences. Students are exposed to a wider variety of writing structures as they learn the classical organizational patterns of block arrangement vs. point by point. All compare and contrast papers consist of an introduction (with topic sentence), a body, and a conclusion.

You will find everything in the file and I will send the pictures for the chapters of the iBook while accepting the assignment

Please avoid plagiarism

Use simple wor


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