Interview and Social History

This module addressed a variety of tools that may be used to gather the information needed to help guide case management and decision-making for the client. After reading all of the assigned chapters this week, use the strategies outlined in Chapter 15: First Interview and Chapter 16: Social History to interview someone other than a family member or significant other (i.e., friend, or other acquaintance). From that interview, develop a social history on the person. The forms in Appendix C (page 454) [In the 4th Edition of the text, this is Appendix B starting on page 429] may be a useful guide for your interview.Describe in a few sentences how you recruited someone to let you interview them (3-4 sentences).Write up a complete social history on the person (at least 800 words) using the outline in Chapter 16.Keep the person’s name and any personally identifiable information anonymous (i.e., do not say this is my father).


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