• Part A:

Visit the following websites:

  1. Visit the Cochrane Collaboration website and read the introduction. https://www.cochrane.org/
  2. Search for “logo” in the website search box, and read the explanation of the Cochrane Collaboration logo.
  3. Visit the website for AHRQ: AHRQ, (2019), Aug.). AHRQ’s Healthcare Associated Infections Program.
  4. For information about Hospital Acquired infection, Target Goals, Action plans and information about steering committees use: https://health.gov/hcq/prevent-hai.asp and https://www.ahrq.gov/professionals/education/curriculum-tools/cusptoolkit/index.html
  5. Read about Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections: AHQR, (n.d.). Prevention of Healthcare – Associated Infections.
    1. What four infections were studied?
    2. What was shown to be effective against prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections and to what strength of evidence?
  • Part B:

Locate an evidenced-based research  (less than five years old). Describe the following about the study:

  1. The title?
  2. What is the study about?
  3. Purpose of the study?
  4. What was the framework of the study?
  5. Protocol development?
    1. Describe how the project began.
    2. Did the topic have support from leaders, clinical nursing staff?
    3. Describe the members of the project team.
    4. How long did the team meet?
    5. What materials, etc. were developed?
  6. Describe the evaluation of the study.
  7. What were the findings and conclusions?

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