[RECOMMENDED]: assigment #2

[RECOMMENDED]: assigment #2


Exercise Content

  1. Assignment 2
    From the Technical Assistance Center on Social and Emotional Development. They define FBA as:
    “Functional Behavioral Assessment involves the collection of data, observations, and information to develop a clear understanding of the relationship of events and circumstances that trigger and maintain problem behavior.”
    Three components of a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA): 
    • Descriptive Assessment (Indirect and Direct Assessment collects data) 
    • Data Analysis 
    • Hypothesis Development (based on analysis of data what you believe is the function of the behavior)

    In this exercise evaluate the FBA and write up your assessment of the analysis looking at the three components. Provide suggestions/recommendations as you see it if you were the behavior analyst supervisor. Finally your rational for why you think this is a good or not good functional behavioral assessment. There is no page limit BUT your evaluation must be thorough. 

    Use the JM FBA attachment


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