[RECOMMENDED]: Forest and urban ecology

[RECOMMENDED]: Forest and urban ecology

This week, we will cover the eastern deciduous forest and urban ecology, so with those concepts in mind we will focus on how the eastern deciduous forest has changed due to human actions and the development of urban centers. First, find a photo of eastern deciduous forest – perhaps in a park, some undeveloped land adjacent to a neighborhood, a restoration site, be creative as there are lots of photo options out there, and perhaps you even have one of your own that you have taken. Embed the photo in the discussion to start the discussion. Identify which of the seven biotic associations it belongs in (based on Chapman and Bolen’s [2015] descriptions).

Then, consider how urbanization might impact this particular forest. You may consider using one or more of the following terms, as applicable:

  • Removal of existing vegetation
  • Construction of buildings, roads, or other urban infrastructure
  • Replacement of permeable with impermeable surfaces
  • Reduction in the area of open space
  • Modification or destruction of aquatic habitats
  • Production of pollution and waste
  • Habitat loss, fragmentation, isolation
  • Climatic changes
  • Altered hydrologic regimes
  • Pollution of air, water, and soil
  • Altered noise and light regimes U

Use course vocabulary in the discussion, and be sure to pen a unique and catchy title to identify the content of your thread.


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