[RECOMMENDED]: project 2-2 dissction

[RECOMMENDED]: project 2-2 dissction


We are going to examine HTTPS connections versus HTTP connections?

Perform independent research outside the text and compare and contrast critical differences between the two connections? When would you recommend one over the other? Can you provide specific examples of websites that should always use HTTPS versus HTTP and discuss why they used one or the other?   Are there any benefits of the HTTP Connection?

Please prepare an original posting and dialogue to at least three of your peers’ posts during the conference week. You must make your initial post by day 3 of the conference week before you are able to view the posts of your peers. To view the discussion board rubric, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Show Rubric.”

A HINT about Conference Discussion at the Masters Level:

Try to get your initial post in early in the conference week and dialogue with your classmates through the week.   Think of our discussion as a traditional classroom.   Posting your initial post and your responses at the last moment would be like entering a traditional class discussion with 10 minutes to go in the class.   missing the issues covered by your classmates.   Remember – the intent of our conference discussion is to take the discussion to the next level…  the Masters Level of discussion.   

Also…  posting early has its benefit, as you do not want to say the same things that a classmate states.   

Finally, please use academic citations to fortify your position.

Let’s have a GREAT Discussion this week!


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