[RECOMMENDED]: Translation science models.

[RECOMMENDED]: Translation science models.


I like the direction you are going in. Food-for-thought, six months for a time frame might be too long to complete for your DNP project on the prevention and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Consider carving a smaller piece of this critical area to focus on (a smaller piece of the pie). ???? 

(Need to use 6 or 8 weeks). 

We are looking for students to consider this translation of science models:

Translation science models.

  • iPARiHS
  • Normalization Process Theory
  • Knowledge-to-Action****
  • Diffusion of Innovation

Considering the potential direction you are headed, which of these models would help you with your goal?



Use an APA 7 style and a minimum of 250 words. Provide support from a minimum of at least three (3) scholarly sources. The scholarly source needs to be: 1) evidence-based, 2) scholarly in nature, 3) Sources should be no more than five years old (published within the last 5 years), and 4) an in-text citation. citations and references are included when information is summarized/synthesized and/or direct quotes are used, in which APA style standards apply. Include the Doi or URL link.

• Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources. 

• Wikipedia, Wikis, .com website or blogs should not be used


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