[Solution] 75 Words Minimum

[Solution] 75 Words Minimum

Discussion about the First “Fiscal Stimulus

The purpose of this discussion is to give you an historical perspective of the first time our country used what we now refer to as Keynesian Theory and created a fiscal stimulus called the New Deal

           STEP 1:     Go to the FDR’s Inaugural Speech ( http://www.historyplace.com/speeches/fdr-first-inaug.htm

           STEP 2:     Go to FDR’s New Deal Speech ( https://youtu.be/h5Pls1Xc3bw.)

           STEP 3:     Post your thoughts about the two events.  How did they reflect what we now know as fiscal policy?  What did Roosevelt what to do to help stimulate the                                                            economy? Do you see any similarities to our current economic policies:  (75 words minimum…please focus on economics NOT politics, please!).


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