[Solution] Appropriate Apa Style Citations

[Solution] Appropriate Apa Style Citations

This short case deals with a company that produces knock-off board games similar to Monopoly. It illustrates that a plant can use multiple types of transformation systems simultaneously. It also illustrates the connection between cycle time and capacity. Your team must produce a case document that addresses the following questions:

What is the cycle time of the 19-station line? What is its efficiency?

  1. On the basis of the task descriptions, develop a precedence graph for the assembly tasks. Using these precedence relationships, develop a list of recommendations for rebalancing the line in order to improve its performance.
  2. What would be the impact on the line’s efficiency if your recommendations were implemented?

Please use the attached documents for appropriate APA style citations.

 Your write-up should be just under two and no more than three pages (double-spaced), not including attached exhibits. Points will be taken off for longer or shorter papers.


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