[Solution] Balance Scorecards Impact Knowledge

[Solution] Balance Scorecards Impact Knowledge

 Section-2Information Technology and Organizational Learning 


Complete the following question in 1 page and adhere to APA formatting standard

  1. Review the section on knowledge creation, culture, and strategy.  Explain how balance scorecards impact knowledge creation, culture, and strategy.  Why are these important concepts to understand within an organization?

Article/Section for each question attached in the word file Create a one-page answering the question noted below.

  • How do you define operational excellence?  What factors are involved in achieving operational excellence?  Who (within an organization) is responsible for operational excellence and why is this important?

Style: APA-7 strictly 
Number of pages: 2 (one for each question/article)
Supporting articles: course + at least 2 additional scholarly articles 


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