[Solution] Beginning Part Three Program

[Solution] Beginning Part Three Program

Mrs. Jones is 36 years old, she is 20 pounds overweight and her body fat is 27%. Her current weight is 155 and she would like to get down to 135.  She is a secretary, wears high heels, and sits most of the day. Her last visit to the gym was 5 years ago, we would consider her sedentary.  Her goals are to lose weight, decrease body fat, look strong and increase her flexibility.

Part One:

How would you create value in our program to engage and excite Mrs. Jones to purchase training?  What verbiage would you utilize during your presentation, including any necessary objection handling.  

Part Two:

Mrs. Jones hesitations:

 doesn’t feel she can afford this program

would like to speak with her husband prior to beginning

Part Three

Program Design

What would be some concerns to look for during the assessment?

What assessments would you perform?

What should her healthy body fat range be?

Design a one week strength, cardio, and flexibility program


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