[Solution] Biosocial Crim Etc

[Solution] Biosocial Crim Etc

Students are expected to identify a recent (within 5 years) peer-reviewed article that tests or expands a criminological theory we have recently discussed (e.g., differential association, social learning/differential reinforcement, theory of violentization, seduction of crime, neutralization theory, labeling theory, social disorganization, collective efficacy, concentric circles, Miller’s focal concerns, Anderson’s Code of the Street, strain, differential opportunity theory, general strain theory, institutional anomie theory, rational choice, routine activity, biosocial crim., etc.). Make sure your theory is different from this two articles

1. Conservation, wildlife crime, and tough-on-crime policies: Lessons from the criminological literature. Article by Lauren Wilson and Rachel Boratto.

2. Whether or not drug abuse is identified as an ethical, criminal justice, or medical problem, there is a need to implement policies and regulations that will ensure the problem is ratified

This reflection should be approximately two (2) pages double-spaced and should follow APA formatting guidelines. 

Reflections should include (but not limited to) what gap the study is filling, what are the research questions for the study, how the author(s) is measuring the criminological theoretical elements, how the author(s) are testing or expanding the theory (e.g., did they use any new measures or populations), the findings from the study, what are some limitations of the study, and the theoretical and policy implications.  


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