[Solution] Brief Narrative Paper Describing

[Solution] Brief Narrative Paper Describing

Task 1 : 

 Write a brief narrative paper describing a specific group or team situation you have experienced in your professional or para-professional life. The paper should be descriptive in nature and specifically not analyze the situation. Analysis will be done at a later time with your learning team. The paper should adequately, but concisely, describe the situation at hand, the individuals involved with the situation, their roles within the group, and any problems or conflicts that were openly experienced by the group. Change the names of the company and/or individuals mentioned in the paper if the organization/individuals are of a sensitive nature. This paper should be three to four pages in length (double-spaced) and is due by the date of the start of the online class. The paper does not need to include an abstract or reference page but should be written in the third person and be free from typographical errors. 

Task 2 : 

Please write individual journals into 6 tasks for the entire paper that you did. I attached the sample file “Sample – Individual Process Journal”  for reference 

Task 3 :

Please check the attached file “Discussions”. Each discussion should be 200 words and each reply should be 100 words. Total 10 discussions and 10 replies should be done. 


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