[Solution] Causal Loop Diagram –

[Solution] Causal Loop Diagram –

1.                  Create a causal loop diagram with the aircraft manufacturer at the center. In this instance, assume the aircraft manufacturer is interested in future projections for the need for new aircraft. Consider the impacts of the air transport system such as runway capacity (apparently reaching saturation prior to 23 March 2020), changes in passenger demand, pre and post COVID-19, etc.

And that allows someone to change the weightings of the causal loop and to see the effect on the relationships as a result of the change while performing simulation.

There are other influencing factors that you should include in the causal loop diagram – undertake research to provide evidence to back up your diagram. Each entity in the causal loop diagram should be described in terms of the influence it has. If you make the claim that for example, passenger demand is set to decrease then please provide references to justify your claim.

You can use Insight Maker, Excel, or MATLAB/Simulink. This simulation should be made available for examination along with any assumptions you have made and back these up by reference to literature.


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