[Solution] Chapter 10 “ Global

[Solution] Chapter 10 “ Global

Format: double-spaced, twelve-point font.

Referencing: any format (Chicago, Harvard, etc..) that is consistent and rational.

Length: 5-6 pages.


Carefully read Issues in Political Theory (fourth edition) Chapter 10 “Global Poverty” (pp.199-215) by Zofia Stemplowska, then write an essay that answers the following three questions:

What is the problem of global poverty? (1 page)

Peter Singer argues that rich nations have a duty to aid poor ones. What are Peter Singer’s arguments for this supposed duty to aid? Carefully explain these arguments, using examples where possible; (2 pages)

What do you think of Singer’s arguments? Using any relevant material from Chapter 10, outline and explain your reasons for either endorsing or for rejecting our supposed duty to aid foreigners abroad. (2 pages)


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