[Solution] Cite 3 – 5

[Solution] Cite 3 – 5

My Choice is Solution Focused

Write a 525- to 800-word paper in which you apply a theoretical approach to the Jameson family. Address each prompt below with thorough and logical responses.

  • Select a theory from the Week 4 readings that most aligns with your desired approach to family therapy.
  • Describe how you would you apply your chosen theory to address the counseling needs of the Jameson family.
  • Describe specific techniques, assessments, or interventions associated with your chosen theory that would you use to address the family’s concerns.
  • Provide examples of how these techniques, assessments, or interventions could result in a positive outcome.
  • Describe the advantages and limitations you may encounter when using this approach with the Jameson family.
  • Incorporate research from current, scholarly references to support your thinking.

Cite 3–5 scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines. 


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