[Solution] Comparing One Physician ’

[Solution] Comparing One Physician ’

hello for this i have to send over the articles 

  • Risk-Shifting in Health Care and its Implications.docxActions and
  • Its Not Just Risk – Why the Shift to Value-Based Payment is also About Provider Flexibility.docxActions

Answer the following question.

1.How would you reduce financial risk for providers (you must cite material from both articles)?

2. Based on “The Transcript of Dr. Solomon’s Dilemma.docxActions,” what is Dr. Solomon’s Dilemma and what are some possible resolutions to his dilemma?

3. Based on “The Transcript of Dr. Solomon’s Dilemma.docxActions,” is tracking the costs of every health care encounter and comparing one physician’s costs to other physicians a reasonable strategy to reduce overall costs?  What are the problems with this strategy?

I will be sending over the articles


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