[Solution] Cover Every Required Section

[Solution] Cover Every Required Section

Thank you for your work on Monique, which is interesting and well written AND YET as you know, it doesn’t satisfy the assignment of the journal on Monique. You have to deal with all of the sections required for the journal and that every student who passed the course had to honor. Again, the following are the sections that you need to write about:

You have to deal with the entire novella. I want to read about the relationship of Monique with her island, her father, her mother, her body, her animals, her books, the Latin language, the paternal grandparents, the princess, the nuns’ school,  and any story within the story, Alexis and Daniel.

Please give a quote from Monique for each topic mentioned above. Do not forget the correct way to quote. 

Please show me in your journal that you read and understood the poetic novella.

I believe that you will not be able to complete your journal without reading the entire novella and go section by section and honor what is requested from you.

Of course, you can use some elements of what you wrote about in your work, but you need to cover every required section. 


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