[Solution] Hotel Could Face Major

[Solution] Hotel Could Face Major

You are employed by the Grand Hotel, a long established, high prestige city-centre hotel in your area. The hotel was traditionally the most exclusive and expensive hotel in the area, but in recent years it has suffered intense competition from more modern luxury hotels in extensive grounds out of town. The hotel’s room occupancy rate and restaurant bookings have been falling for a number of years, and unless drastic action is taken the hotel could face major financial difficulties. The hotel manager, Mr Cornelius Voltemand, is now making plans to re-position the hotel in the market. He has undertaken a survey of the costs of the hotel and believes that the hotel can offer a less exclusive service at a lower price.

The hotel is now about to launch an advertising campaign to promote a new image but it needs to know exactly what its current image is before it can do this. Some research has been carried out in the area and the findings are presented below.

Mr Voltemand has asked you to put together a report summarising the main findings of the research and making recommendations on which aspects of the image are to be changed when the hotel is relaunched as a mid-market rather than an up-market establishment.

The rest of the data and important information is in the picture !!! Can you help me with this?


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