[Solution] Launched “ Austerity ”

[Solution] Launched “ Austerity ”

Chapter 14 in Gallagher Laver and Mair


Answer ONE (1) of the following questions in your post:

Question #1: The news recently has discussed the fact that several European countries have launched “austerity” programs. Given your insights from Gallagher, Laver, and Mair, what has public reaction to these programs been like in a comparative perspective?

Question #2: What is privatization? What are the impacts in a European context? Do you think that these policies were/are wise?

Question #3: How has the relationship between the economy and European governments changed in the past 20+ years?  Has Eastern Europe become more like the western part of the Continent?

The same standards (3-4 paragraph posts, attention to grammar, critical analysis rather than recitation of materials)


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