[Solution] Least One Formative Assessment

[Solution] Least One Formative Assessment

All too often math is seen as a subject that is a world of its own, isolated from the humanities and other subjects. Math is not just a class but a topic that constantly impacts our decisions. Math can help us to shop wisely, read maps, buy the right car, use the right computer font, cook a delicious meal, remodel a home within a budget, or develop the next mobile app. In reality, mathematical concepts can be found in our everyday lives–math is used everywhere!

How has mathematics played a role in your everyday life? 

How can we help our students learn math beyond “math class?”One major goal for this assignment is to open the door for interdisciplinary dialogue by showing the many places that math is found, and as a future teacher you can learn how the math you teach is used elsewhere. 

Part 2

Utilizing these two lessons- “Measuring Length” and “Odd or Even” (the complete lessons are here:) 

Measuring Length Lesson.docx –attached

Odd or Even Lesson.docx—-attached

*Develop/create a least one formative assessment for each lesson.


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