[Solution] Least One Published Bookat

[Solution] Least One Published Bookat


The aim of the critical analysis paper assignment is to research and evaluate leadership attributes of an aviation leader to more deeply understand how people deal with difficult situations and become effective leaders who are difference makers and who have an influence.

  • Choose a leader in the aviation field, past or present.
  • Choose two to three leadership traits or attributes exhibited by the leader.
  • Describe and analyze the leadership traits or attributes you choose.
  • Evaluate how the traits or attributes contributed to their effectiveness while executing his or her authority, responsibility and accountability.
  • Evaluate an ethical or moral issue faced by the leader.

Write a 3 – 4 page paper in APA format.  This length does not include the cover page and reference page.  The margins will be 1” on all sides and it will be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt.

You must use a minimum of three references.  Wiki sites will not be used for research purposes.  References will include:

  • at least one published book
  • at least one journal article

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