[Solution] Must Also Clearly Explain

[Solution] Must Also Clearly Explain

Read the case Wedow v. Kansas City, Missouri. Write a brief 1-2 paragraph summary of the case and answer the case questions. 

The case study must have 2 sections:

Summary: Write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the key facts and legal issues in the case.

Case Questions: Answer each of the listed questions following the case using the facts of the case and the concepts introduced in the textbook. You must also clearly explain your reasoning. Be sure to number your responses.

  APA format is required.

case questions: 

1. are you surprised this is a 2006 case? Why or why not? 2. How do you think the fire department should have responded when the women registered complaints about their uniforms? Explain. 3. Why do you think the fire department treated the female employees as it did?  

i will attach case document as well! 


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