[Solution] New Employee Might Also

[Solution] New Employee Might Also


Do you believe that it’s better to start with a ‘fresh’ employee or an experienced employee when trying to train them to do things your way? Explain.


I think there are definitely pros and cons to an experienced employee versus a fresh employee, but ultimately, from an employer standpoint, I think it would be easier to train a new employee. Most experienced employees, and I have been guilty of this myself, are resistant to change. They have been doing that job for a number of years successfully following their method and might be hesitant to want to change the way they do it because they believe the their method is more effective versus what the new employer is asking of them. However, with a new employee, you can train them exactly how you want the job to be done and will most likely experience little to no pushback from them. The new employee might also be more enthusiastic to learn more, thus making them more likely to enjoy the training process and absorb and retain more of the information being taught to them.


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