[Solution] Others Needs Review 6

[Solution] Others Needs Review 6

I have some comments for things I would like to be changed in/added to my presentation:

1)  Add real picture of a robot in slide 1 & 2

2)  Slide 5 should have the title (Problem Statement), and Slide 6&7 are just continuation

3)  Specify that the used method will be Optimization

4)  Missing Point should be included that is the Input Data 

5)  In Slide 8 , the last point is good but the others needs review 

6)  In Slide 10 change the title to (Literature Review), This Part should be longer with more info

7)  In Slide 11, I need some questions to make the methodology clear

8)  In Slide 12, some results(Graphs) should be added from other authors and analyse them

9)  If there was any extra references used then it should be added to the ppt

Lastly I provided examples along with (( My Presentation(Luna) ))


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