[Solution] Prayer Powerpoint Presentation

[Solution] Prayer Powerpoint Presentation


Prayer Presentation

Each student will prepare a slide presentation presenting the prayer country of their choice. This presentation will help them to pray meaningfully for the needs and opportunities in their chosen country.  Your presentation must include a written prayer, leading others in prayer for your nation.Each presentation must have a minimum of three sources. All students are strongly encouraged to include as their primary source an interview or email interaction with a missionary or indigenous minister from their assigned nation or area. Contact Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) to find out about missionaries working in your assigned nation. You can begin by looking at the following website: http://agmd.org or http://agwm.com.  Be sure to include your sources.Other sources may include

  • cia.gov (explanation of the flag, stats, history, current leaders, etc.)
  • joshuaproject.net (unreached people groups)
  • agwm.org
  • goag.org
  • wycliffe.org
  • lausanne.org
  • uscwm.org
  • persecution.com
  • wycliffe.org

The Media based presentation must include:

  • Maps and flags, with one fun fact
  • Percentage of Christians, Evangelicals, other religions.
  • Major Unreached People Groups
  • Societal Needs (health, human trafficking, education, homeless, orphans, etc.)
  • Appropriate Christian responses to those needs and research missionaries who are laboring in the country.
  • Photos of the people and places in this country.
  • Well written meaningful prayer (for the lost, for laborers, for the church)
  • Listing of sources (final slide)


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