[Solution] Published Within 3 –

[Solution] Published Within 3 –

*This is a topical feature of 800 words (+/- 10%) for a named publication and section

• If it is for a newspaper or website feature section or Saturday or Sunday supplement it should be something that can be published within 3 – 4 weeks of the deadline

• If it is for a monthly magazine, it should be something that can run in a March issue

• Must have a strong topical peg and include the source, eg: Recently released figures showing a new social trend/report release from a charity or parliament; trending topic on social media; celebrity interest

• The piece must contain interviews that you sourced and spoke to yourself (ie not from press releases) from 3 different people as well as background data from reports, stats, websites etc

• Strong engaging intro; gets to the nub withing the first four paragraphs

• Good knowledge of quote punctuation

• Please show clearly on your copy your name, target publication, word count and

target date of publication


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