[Solution] Requirementsa Fully Developed Texture

[Solution] Requirementsa Fully Developed Texture


A fully developed texture collage painting using photoshop containing no less than 50 layers

The animal as a clearly dominating subject in the composition


Set up your workspace in Photoshop 5 x 7 inches 300 ppi (landscape or portrait, your choice)

Find a photograph of your favorite animal. The background of the photo should be non-distracting (fairly plain & not cluttered) from the subject of the photo.

Copy the photo and paste it into your workspace. Re-size the subject if necessary. 

Select and mask the animal in the photo

On a new layer, use the pen tool to begin tracing around dark and later light areas in the photo. 

Fill your drawn shape layers with built-in photoshop patterns. Continue this process until you have covered the entire animal. 

Find another image online for your background. Consider a background that is not too distracting and makes sense for your animal’s natural habitat. 

Follow the same procedure as you did for the subject of your painting. 

Consider coloring your subject with warm colors and your background with cool colors. Or your subject with darker colors and your background with lighter colors. This helps with the illusion of the subject being in the foreground making it appear to pop forward. 


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