[Solution] Research Current Criminal Justice

[Solution] Research Current Criminal Justice

For purposes of this paper, you should follow the below format.  You will need to research current criminal justice policies and procedures.  The policy could relate to policing, corrections, community corrections, crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, sentencing, pre-release, etc.  You will need to discuss how and why this policy is related to at least one (but possibly more) criminological concepts that we studied this semester.  You will have the opportunity to discuss the real-world implications of criminology in the broader social, political, and economic settings. Your analysis must go beyond a mere linkage of the concept to the policy.  Your paper should include a discussion of the criminological concept you are planning to use, a discuss the relevant research associated with the concept (for example, a specific theory or rationale for punishment such as deterrence), and a discussion of how and why the concept has influenced public policy in the area of criminal justice.  Your analysis should be broken down into the following sections: 

1. Introduction – Briefly present your chosen policy and discuss its impact on the local, state or federal criminal justice systems.  When was the policy implemented?  Why was the policy implemented?  What were the social and/ or political issues that brought about the policy?  What are the financial costs associated with the policy?  What is the public’s perception of the policy? What level of research or analysis went into the development of the policy? 

2. Discussion of criminological concept(s) and associated research -The second section of the paper should include a discussion of how your chosen policy is associated with a criminological concept that we studied this semester.  Is the policy related to one of the theories that we studied?  If so, what is the theory and the major theorists associated with the theory?  How is the policy related to the research associated with the theory?  What are the basic principles of the associated theory?  Does the policy relate to a rationale for punishment – rehabilitation, retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, etc.? How does the policy connect (or in some cases fail to connect) with the associated research?  You may sometimes discover a disconnect between policy and research.  (Please note: The bulk of your discussion should be developed in this section.)-

3. Conclusion – Summarize the key concepts you presented in the paper.  Try to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses associated with your chosen policy.  Should the criminal justice system expand the use of the policy, or should we attempt to reform or disband its use of the policy?


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