[Solution] Rule 40 Particularly Limits

[Solution] Rule 40 Particularly Limits

Quiz Three- Social Media in Sport

Citation Required after every response 

1. Follow the social media communication efforts of a single team. Categorize every message disseminated by the team and try to uncover the organization’s strategies and objectives behind their social media communications.

2. Discuss whether social media can truly be used as a tool to generate revenue. Do ticket offers posted on social media sites create new revenue for a team, or do they cannibalize other ticket sales efforts? How effective are teams at realizing ROI from their social media platforms?

3. Find several examples of athletes, teams, and sport organizations that have gotten themselves into hot water by posting controversial or inappropriate items on social media. Discuss the implications on the athlete’s personal brand and on the teams, organizations, or sponsors associated with the offending poster.

4. College athletics departments have struggled with managing student-athlete social media accounts. Some departments have chosen not to allow student-athletes to post information on social media and carefully manage information distributed from coaches’ and administrators’ accounts. Other departments have elected to give student-athletes and coaches free reign on what they post and how frequently they post.  Put yourself in the position of an athletics director and develop a policy for managing student-athletes’ and coaches’ social media accounts.

5. Research Rule 40, which is the International Olympic Committee’s policy on restricting Olympic athletes’ ability to mention their sponsors while participating in the Games. Rule 40 particularly limits Olympic athletes’ ability to communicate sponsor messages through social media at the peak of an athlete’s visibility. Discuss both sides of this issue.


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