[Solution] Russian Foreign Policy Total

[Solution] Russian Foreign Policy Total

Critical Lecture Response #5 (based on the guest lecture/seminar by Dr. James Fergusson on and the required readings)

Topic: Russian Foreign Policy Total 8% of the final grade

Submitted through UMLearn Dropbox, Wednesday 13 April 2022, 2:30 p.m. Length: maximum 500 words (Word or PDF document)

Is Russian foreign policy a) inherently offensive, aggressive and expansionist or is it b) defensive and reactive? How would you make a case for both options? (PROMPT: a) Why might you say it’s offensive, aggressive and expansionist? And why might others say no, it isn’t? Then, b) why might you say it’s defensive and reactive? And why might others say no, it isn’t?) Next, with reference to Putin, do you think concentrating on the leader is a fully or accurate explanation for Russian foreign policy behaviour? Explain why and/or why not (we want to hear both sides to the argument!


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