[Solution] Single Microsoft Word Document

[Solution] Single Microsoft Word Document

Write annotated bibliography with an executive summary (5 pages) about road safety and car crashes relevant to the project objectives below.

Note: The submission must be a single Microsoft Word document (.docx) of not more than 5 pages (1 page for executive summary, and 4 pages for the annotated bibliography). The title page and table of contents are not required.

In this exercise, you are required to produce a piece of Annotated Bibliography with an Executive Summary for the client. The piece should inform the client of the current state of research relating to given the project objective:   

Project objectives 

  The client is requesting data-driven, actionable insights into: 

         1.     Various contributing factors to road safety and crashes.

         2.     Driver behaviours in relation to known road crashes.

Annotated bibliography

Search and compile sources relevant to the project objective. You are required to select exactly 3 primary sources as the subjects of the annotation. Prioritise high-quality, peer-reviewed sources.

For each source, produce your annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography for each source should not exceed 1 page. It should include but not be limited to the details below.

  • the full bibliographic details of the source.
  • the main idea and finding presented in the source.
  • your own commentary about the finding in relation to the project objective

Finally, the annotated bibliography should include a section that describes in detail the search methodology used for locating and selecting the bibliographic sources above. These should not exceed 1 page.

Executive summary

Write a 1-page executive summary that gives the client quick access to the findings in your annotated bibliography. Place the executive summary before the annotated bibliography.


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