[Solution] Solving Skillsconcentration Intended Student

[Solution] Solving Skillsconcentration Intended Student

Marketing Management 

I am working as business analyst in IT company  for an internship to my MBA course,  

Write 750 words how my subject Marketing Management help me to develop my job skills.

below are the concepts I learnt in class. to write the practical connection

ref: times new roman, apa format, 2 references

This course acquaints the me with the seminal concepts and models appropriate for marketing management. Course content and experiences will allow us to develop the knowledge base and skills necessary for devising and implementing strategic marketing plans which complement organizational goals.

Knowledge of marketing models, concepts, environments, and Analytical skills which lead to effective strategic decision-making in solving marketing problems.Knowledge of how to develop marketing objectives and strategies which are consistent with an organization’s broader goals Ability to articulate clearly and communicate persuasively marketing objectives and strategies.Understanding of the ethical responsibility associated with marketing decision making.Communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills

Concentration Intended Student Learning Outcomes

Concentration in Accounting (ACTG) ISLOs

Concentration in Entrepreneurship (ENTR) ISLOs

Concentration in Healthcare Administration (HCA) ISLOs

Concentration in Marketing (MKTG) ISLOs

Concentration in Project Management (PROJ) ISLOs

Concentration in Strategic Management (MGMT) ISLOs


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