[Solution] Something Less Commonly Learned

[Solution] Something Less Commonly Learned


Many of us in the U.S. have some idea/knowledge about Jim Crow/segregation in the U.S., but the history of apartheid in South Africa is something less commonly learned about here.  Based on what you read last week and this week to introduce you to apartheid, answer the following questions:

1. The white population of South Africa, which first colonized the land then established apartheid as the legal code, was a small minority of the overall population.  How did such a small part of the population (between 13-20%) manage to establish such an oppressive system against the majority?  (Your answer should be 3-4 sentences long)

2. The readings from the end of this week focused on memories shared by people who lived under apartheid.  What did you find most striking or interesting from those stories?  Explain what you found so interesting/notable.  (Your answer should be 3-4 sentences long)  

3. Based on what we’ve learned so far about Jim Crow and apartheid, what are some of the similarities that immediately show up?  Do you see any differences yet?  If so, what? (Your answer should be 3-4 sentences long) 

 Race Wars (1795 – 1913) – Video – Films On Demand (indstate.edu) 

 The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act in South Africa (thoughtco.com) 

 Growing Up in Apartheid-Era South Africa (vice.com) 

 Growing Up Under Apartheid | Cincinnati CityBeat 

 My Grandmother Recounts Growing Up During Apartheid – The Wildezine 


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