[Solution] Swot Must Include 3

[Solution] Swot Must Include 3

I need a 20-25 slide deck presentation with the following requirements:

1. Company Background, Mission & Vision

2. SWOT Analysis

3. Competitive Analysis

4. Strategic Positioning Map

5. 4 Ps (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) 

6. Digital Media assessment of Facebook and Twitter Strategic Communication and Engagement

7. Choose 3 out 4 use cases technologies (Blockchain, Meta/Omniverse, AI, IoT)

8. 3 Strategic Recommendations with supporting evidence and/or rational

This presentation must be presented as if it is a paper (example will be added). This presentation must focus more so on the technology side, but also cover the company in general. Information such as the What, Why, and How technology is being implemented by Marriott should be expressed throughout the assignment. Some pictures can be added, but the slides cannot consist of slides with pictures and little to no words. The majority of the slide should focus on explaining the above mentioned requirements. A grid for the competitive analysis (will be attached) must be included on one of the slides. The competitive analysis will need to include more details for the justification. The Dollar Tree attachment is just an example of how to not add so many pictures and articles on each slide. Articles cannot be copied into the presentation, unless there is a graph or table supporting that information. The SWOT must include 3 minimum supports points for each part and should be well detailed. The information attached for Marriott can be used, but please explain more in depth. 


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