[Solution] Three Short Plays ”

[Solution] Three Short Plays ”

Play name: Reckoning by Tara Beagan and Andy Moro

Based on your independent reading of Reckoning, answer the following in your own words.

1. Share something included in the notes re. Cast and Setting and Time (found between theAcknowledgements page and the opening scene of the play) that informed your understanding of Reckoning.

2. Imagining what it might be like to be in the audience at a performance of Reckoning, identify a particular moment and articulate what you might be thinking or feeling at thispoint in the performance.

3. Reckoning is described as a “triptych of three short plays.” Share your thoughts on the effectiveness of presenting these three short plays together in one larger piece. Include a description of what distinguishes each of the three short plays and what the effects of these distinct features might be on the audience. 


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