[Solution] Use Relevant References

[Solution] Use Relevant References

 Module Discussion

1. Start by defining the qualities of managers. What makes a good manager? Provide at least five examples.

2. Next, define at least five qualities of leaders. What makes a good leader?

3. Finally, compare and contrast your lists. Does leadership cross-over with management? If there is an overlap explain why. If there is no overlap explain why these would not intersect.

Discussion Requirements:


Word count for initial discussion response – 150 words maximum;

Use relevant references;


Mullins, L.J (2007). Management and Organisational Behaviour (8th Edition). Prentice Hall: London.

Moorhead, G., and Griffin, R. W. (1995). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations (5th edition). Houghton Mifflin: Boston


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