[Solution] Using Another Word Processing

[Solution] Using Another Word Processing

 accomplish the following tasks: 3 pages

1. Create an overall thesis. Consult You, Writing! on pp. 31-36. 

2. Create a working advanced statement outline. Consult You, Writing! on pp. 37-46

3. Write two different introductory paragraphs. Decide also which introduction you like the best. Why? Remember the introduction should grab the reader’s attention. Since it is a narrative, the thesis may be implied or explicit. Traditionally, a thesis should be the last sentence of your first paragraph, but for now, you are still in the invention and drafting stage. Therefore, do not worry so much about getting it right. 


  • Submit the thesis, outline and two introductory paragraphs as a DOCX file (Microsoft Word default). If using another word processing program, click “Save As” for your document and choose . 

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